We don’t like toxins. Selfishly, we work with cleaning products all day and don’t want to be breathing in stuff that is sure to harm us long term. We would rather spend a bit more time scrubbing and polishing than having strong chemicals doing the work. We also know that if we were to use standard cleaning products, they would continue to give off noxious toxins long after we leave.

However, it is also hard to find truly “green” products that a) have very few or no toxins, minimal fragrance or fragrance free, natural and bio-degradable and b) actually work. But, we did!

For a complete description of each of the cleaning products that we use, please contact LUX.

LUX Allergy & Asthma Clean

When dust allergies or allergies from toxic substances are a problem, we “super clean”. We start with a detailed spring cleaning plan and leave no details out. If required, we will also use our state-of-the-art vapour steam technology to clean mattresses, baseboards, cement floors and the edges of broadloom carpeting in order to kill dust mites without using chemicals.

We also recommend duct and furnace cleaning, steam cleaning and detailing in hard to reach areas. PRICE NOTE: This is usually our most expensive cleaning service and for a small condo, our prices start at $975.

For all cleaning, we use only a canister style vacuum for the best clean. We like to vacuum stairs, curtains, vents, baseboards, cobwebs, under furniture and beds etc. – places where uprights can’t go and dust mites like to hide. Also, our vacuums are true HEPA filtered (capturing all particles more than 1 micron 99.98% of the time) so when we run the vacuum for a few hours in your home, the air is fresh and dust free. We can also consult with you on more permanent air filtration systems.

We work with York Appliances on all allergy related tools and techniques. Check out for more information.

We can also steam clean your carpets and upholstery to reduce the amount of mildew or dust mites in those areas. And we would be happy to consult on duct cleaning, natural air fresheners, humidity, special cleaning suggestions and how to de-toxify your home.

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