UPDATED – July 2021

We can now offer cleaning services to all of our clients again.

All of our employees are double vaccinated.

We wear masks at all times while cleaning your home.

Prior to your scheduled cleaning, we ask you please notify us immediately:

  1. if you or someone in your home is ill or have any symptoms of COVID-19
  2. if you have been travelling anywhere outside of Ontario or have been in any airport in the last 14 days
  3. if you or someone in your home has come into contact with someone with COVID.
  4. If you are waiting results from a COVID test.

We have put protocols in place to help keep our staff & clients safe. In order to ensure that our employees do not come into close contact with multiple people each day, we ask that the following protocols are followed by all of our clients while we are in your home:

  1. if possible, be out of your home.
  2. if it is not possible that you are out while we clean there should be no face to face contact with the team even with 6 feet of distance and masks.
  3. provide a no-contact entrance.
  4. the team will text you as they are arriving, allowing you to unlock the door and go the a different area of the house while we clean. Once we have finished cleaning that area the team will text you to switch. All without having face to face contact. For instance, our client is on the 2nd floor while we clean the main floor and basement and once those areas are completed we switch and the team cleans the 2nd floor.
  5. the team will text you when they are leaving your home.

UPDATED – January 2021

Due to the new Provincial restrictions we are permitted to offer the following services:

  1. Cleaning for Seniors – over 65
  2. Cleaning for Families with children – under 18
  3. Cleaning for Vulnerable persons
  4. Post construction cleanings
  5. Move in or move out cleaning

At LUX we understand that inviting anyone into your home has taken on a whole new meaning.

We are serious about the safety of our team and clients.

If you are hiring a cleaning service post COVID-19 you may want to ask these questions:

  1. How did you train your team on new protocols and correct use of PPE (video, email, zoom)? Do you have a training manual or equivalent outlining new protocols?
  2. Did you stop your residential cleaning during the government imposed shut down?
  3. What changed since you started back up?
  4. Are you paying your team for sick days? If not why would you expect them to stay home if they have any symptoms?
  5. Are your cleaners taking public transit to my home or have you taken other measures to protect them and your clients from exposure?
  6. Do your cleaners change teams often? Working with different team members depending on the day/week?

These are important questions to ask in our “new normal”. At LUX we took the time to think through all aspects of our cleaning procedures and have made many changes. We are following all the Government guidelines and suggestions including a daily self assessment of our employees.

  1. We had two training days via Zoom to train our team on our new procedures and proper use of PPE. We also made sure that they have a manual to refer to and to aid in learning.
  2. We did shut down on March 19th and resumed service on June 1st.
  3. Some of our new protocol includes:
  4. a) The LUX team will wear masks at all times during your cleaning.

    b) We will be disinfecting equipment in between cleanings and have changed the way we are packing equipment and will bring in only what we will be using in your home.

    c) We have introduced a new hospital grade disinfectant product for high touch areas.

    d) We require a strict no face to face contact protocol for the team. If you can be out of your home that is ideal. If being out is not possible we set up a cleaning plan to avoid any contact with you and/or your family.

    e) We will not clean in any home where someone in the household has travelled in the last 14 days or is ill or waiting COVID test results and we will not charge a cancellation fee if a client needs to cancel at the last minute due to illness.

    f) We will no longer make beds, pick up dirty clothes or touch towels and ask that our clients make sure they have moved these items out of areas that we clean.

  5. We will be paying our team if they are ill to ensure they do not come to work with even mild symptoms. We will also be asking anyone who has been ill to immediately be tested.
  6. We decided that the potential exposure on the TTC was too great and we are now picking up and dropping off the teams at their home each day.

Some may think we have gone too far, but we have always been the Industry leaders for the best and most consistent cleaning service and feel it is our duty to get this as close to “right” as we can. Our employees are the most important part of our business and making sure they feel safe and confident is important to us.

Of course we are happy to discuss any other concerns you have before setting up your service.

Please email to inquire about how we can safely clean your home using the best trained teams and the finest quality available.


LUX is a local business serving Mid-Town Toronto. Please see the areas of service maps below.