After you have spent so much time and effort (not to mention the incredible amount of money!) to complete your home renovations, wouldn’t it be nice to truly get rid of all the dust and have a final detailing of your home before getting settled back in?

We have specialized in post-renovation cleaning work since the company started in 2009. We bring in the right tools, supplies and a properly trained team that will sweat the details to ensure your home is dust free and beautifully polished.

Our team is experienced to know what kind of non-toxic and fragrance free products we can use on all of your new surfaces and finishes. Team members are covered under WSIB and our liability insurance so you have the peace of mind that if anything catastrophic were to happen you would have no financial concerns.

Finally, we spend the time to get things right so when you start to move in, you don’t find missed dust build up.

If somebody offers you a low price on this type of specialized cleaning, you could ask them the following questions (and ask for back-up documentation if you are unsure):

  • Will they visit your home for a complete and detailed assessment prior to the proposal?
  • Will they bring specialized equipment (true HEPA vacuum cleaners, natural stone and hardwood floor cleaners etc.)
  • Is everybody on the cleaning team legal to work in Canada, police checked, well trained, supervised, and an employee of the company (NOT a contract worker)?
  • Is the cleaning team covered under WSIB and $2 million dollar liability insurance?
  • Does the company use only fragrance free, non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning tools and supplies?
  • Does the company have dozens of amazing written testimonials from clients who have hired them for post-renovation cleaning work?
  • Are there any hidden costs?

Your home may look beautiful, empty and “only” dusty but keep in mind that to properly de-dust a home that has undergone months of renovation work, we need to get to “every square inch” of your home to be sure nothing is left behind.

This can be quite time consuming. Often, companies will quote a very low amount of time because they think that most clients are ok with a “quick cleaning” to remove the highly visible dust. These companies promise a “thorough” job which is impossible given the amount of time or money they have quoted. The question is, do you want to risk having half or more of the dust left behind when the cleaning company leaves?

Here is a quick sample of the detailing items we tend to during a post renovation cleaning:


  • De-dust and polish surfaces
  • Tub | Toilet | Sink | Tile | Glass
  • Light fixtures
  • Mirror and counter
  • Cabinet exteriors, interiors and tops
  • Clean all open shelving
  • De-dust and clean walls
  • Paper holder / Towel racks
  • Exhaust fans
  • Hand wash floors

Kitchen | Pantry | Laundry room

  • Countertops
  • Exterior and tops of cabinets
  • Inside cabinets (shelves, back, sides, hinges, front edges)
  • Microwave inside and out
  • Appliance exteriors (unpack appliances and touch up interiors)
  • Sink, faucet and drain
  • Backsplash and trim
  • Light fixtures
  • Clean washer and dryer exteriors
  • Vacuum and hand wash flooring

Interior Windows

  • Wash interior windows, frames, sills, tracks and screens

All other rooms

  • Dust for cobwebs
  • De-dust and clean trim, door/window frames, baseboards, all millwork and doors
  • De-dust and clean all light switches, door knobs and surrounding area
  • De-dust and wash blinds
  • Clean and polish ceiling light fixtures
  • Clean all built ins, closets, bookshelves and open shelving
  • Clean both sides of front door
  • Clean pipes and hoses in utility room
  • Vacuum and wash stair case, hand rails and balusters
  • Remove dust from all contents and storage shelves
  • Vacuum, edge and hand wash hard surface flooring
  • Detail vacuum carpeted area