Why Lux?

Hiring a high quality Toronto cleaning service is a true luxury. It saves you valuable time that you can use to achieve your personal goals. Other benefits include:

  • Enjoying a clean, healthy home that reduces allergic reactions and contributes to an overall healthy lifestyle
  • Peace-of-mind knowing your house is really clean
  • The satisfaction of seeing a clean, tidy living space

Sounds great! But … what if your cleaner just Swiffers? Or doesn’t wipe well? What if they are inconsistent or unreliable? Un-cooperative? Ask you to stock cleaning supplies? Ask to be paid in cash so they don’t have to pay any taxes? What if they miss things? Move things around too much? Doesn’t show up? Spends too long in your home? With LUX, you will never have to think about cleaning again and can finally be satisfied that the right company is helping you take care of your home.

We’re mid-town local

We are an independent, local mid-town Toronto house cleaning company and our leaders have been part of the community for many years. We focus on customer service and quality and are committed to being the best Toronto maid service.

We custom clean your home

We want to clean your home the way YOU want it cleaned. To do this, we think it is important to get to know you and how you live in your home. What is important to you? What isn’t? We think the best way to do this is to meet with you and develop a custom house cleaning plan that suits you, your lifestyle and your budget. Every home and family is unique. One home might have 20 roller blinds, the other 20 mini-blinds. One might have all hardwood flooring and minimal area rugs, the other might have mostly wall-to-wall carpeting AND many area rugs on top of that!

We clean “green”

We don’t like toxins. Selfishly, we work with cleaning products all day and don’t want to be breathing in stuff that is sure to harm us long term. We would rather spend a bit more time scrubbing and polishing than having strong chemicals doing the work. We also know that if we were to use standard cleaning products, they would continue to give off noxious toxins long after we leave.

Tools, techniques and training

HEPA filtration. Hmmm. What does that mean exactly? Lots of companies throw the word around but don’t actually use vacuums that use true HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arresting) filters. We use a vacuum cleaning system that filters out 99.97% of all particles down to less than 3 microns (1/300th the size of a human hair). Sure, they are the most expensive vacuum cleaners on the market but hey, 99.97% of the stuff that comes out of them is almost completely clean air! Yup. We’re that serious.

Professional Teamwork

We have found that 2-3 person teams work best for maintenance cleans and larger teams if you opt for an initial deep and detailed cleaning. With cleaning teams, we don’t “move in” when we clean. We get the job done efficiently and effectively in the minimum amount of time it takes to complete a quality cleaning job. Also, teams don’t get “burnt out” on your home like single cleaners can. Each team member is checked for criminal history and employment references. They believe in a “LUX clean” home, are insured, bonded and fully trained and their performance is monitored on an ongoing basis. We also don’t work our team members like dogs. Teams usually clean 2 homes per day so they are fresh, focused and professional when they arrive at your home! We train our teams well, pay them competitive wages and transport them with all cleaning tools and supplies. If you’re interested in joining our midtown Toronto house cleaning team, check out the join our team section.

Rotational Cleaning

This service provides a rotational cleaning of all the items you might not need to be cleaned every time we visit. It also allows us to provide the best value for your dollar and keep the quality high. We suggest a rotational cleaning schedule that is right for your home and budget. Once we agree, we provide you with a copy of the custom cleaning schedule and then stick to the program.

Customer Service

We also take customer service seriously. It takes more time to develop a custom solution for your home and to make sure we consistently adhere to the plan. But the payoff can give you the peace of mind that you are getting your home cleaned your way.

We only clean private residences

We are serious about clean homes. Clean offices are nice too but we don’t clean offices. We like to focus on quality residential cleaning and remarkable customer service.

We’re Pet Friendly

We love pets and all our cleaners are pre-screened to not be allergic or afraid of pets. In fact many of our clients have one, two or even three cats and dogs and we are able to clean without much disruption to their pets regular daily routine.

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